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Welcome to the VidKidz ROBOTRON CHALLENGE

WPU is very excited to host a brand new high score challenge for Robotron 2084. This new concept is brought to you by none other than ‘The VidKidz’ in conjunction with the Williams Defender Players Unite Facebook group. YES, you read right! - this high score challenge is endorsed by VidKidz, Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar!

Mikael Lindholm’s (MOS) quest for a ‘craftsman’s’ or ‘extreme’ track for Defender (“99/99”) has been a popular addition here and amongst players across the globe recently whether for competition or just the fun of it. As Defender and Robotron move along gracefully in their 4th decade, the well worn golden codes like ‘marathon’ and ‘tournament’ just don’t seem to do the games justice any more. These games are so deep and rich in possibilities that they deserve more standard tracks or playing codes within the existing community of expert and new players and, indeed for the future generations of players.

Mike explains: “If I had to choose 1 new track, it would have to be a Diff 10 track - because that’s what’s always been missing to the competition on the 3 Jarvis/DeMar games Defender, Stargate & Robotron. The essence of their games is a fast and furious gameplay, where the counter measures are good reactions, dexterity and the developing of SKILLS. I’ve said this before, but I think mastering their games can be compared to master craftsmanship: there’s always another level of understanding and execution you thought wasn’t possible - until you saw it. I’m taking up Robotron again, and, personally, I’d prefer a “benchmark track” like Diff 10/50K as another measure of absolute skills.”

Eugene Jarvis: “The proposed track by Mikael Lindholm of diff10/50k, I believe would be the ultimate test of master Robotron players. I do agree, however, that this would be too difficult for the vast majority of competitors. I like the idea of the 40 wave test as a very accessible competition for all players and it may prove interesting due to a fair amount of luck in the random set up of the brain waves, which will add a lot of variety and entertainment. So, the addition of both of these tracks would give something for both expert and aspiring players. I am truly humbled by the skills and dedication of Robotron players and I think these new tracks could inspire a new generation of competitive Robotron players. Thank you for keeping the flame alive.”

Larry DeMar: “I love this concept for a containable tournament. Highest score in 40 waves or less. Play times will be reasonable and good players will be pressured to play at highest level. I would consider this a true measure of skill at any difficulty or free life level.”

Mark Hoff (MCH): “The essence of Robotron’s frantic brilliance is trying to hit all 40 waves. You will never forget your first knuckle sweatin’ million that will have you quaking in your boots with adrenaline and anticipation. This IS what the competition of Robotron is all about…”


    40 wave chart-
    Eugene’s Enemy Analysis- hyperlink
    Strategy tutorials- hyperlink
    Extreme Difficulty tips- hyperlink

So, after input from many of our Facebook members and The VidKidz themselves, we present the following challenges:

VKE (VidKidz Extreme)- 3-man start, 50k extra man bonus, difficulty 10 (max diff).

VK40 (VidKidz 40-wave)- your best score at the end of the 40 hard-coded waves. Choose your difficulty level and extra-man bonus level to suit your skill on a 3-man start:

    Normal Skill level - 3 man start / Difficulty 5 / 25k bonus (VK40-5)
    Master Skill level - 3 man start / Difficulty 10 / 25k bonus (VK40-10)
    Extreme Master Skill level - 3 man start / Difficulty 10 / 50k bonus (VK40-E)

YT or Twitch recording are desired, with minimum expectations being a screenshot or picture of the score on wave 40, (or start of wave 41!). Any game platform playing the real Robotron ROMset is acceptable- 19-1 PCB, JROK PCB, MAME of any version, or Real arcade machine if you are one of the lucky few.Any romset is acceptable, Orange, Blue, or patched Blue, whatever floats your boat!

Looking forward to your scores and feats!